199nah releases coronavirus awareness hip-hop track

Rapper 199nah in his new track “stay blessed” has rapped and encouraged individuals to remain inside and keep up social distancing to contain the coronavirus crisis. Nepali Hip-hop Artist Saimon Karki More...

by Saimon Karki | Published 1 year ago

Making Sure Bankruptcy Will Help

Bankruptcy is often seen as the final resort to eliminate debt, but sometimes even bankruptcy can’t assist you. This might sound a little pessimistic, but it’s something More...

Helping build better future for the earthquake devastated community in Nepal -Concept

Context When news of the powerful earthquake that devastated Nepal on 25 April 2015 first reached many of us living many miles away from home, it not only shattered our hearts, More...

Empire International Private Limited

Empire International Pvt. Ltd We are pleased to announce that our new website is live and ready for the world to view. We have completely redesigned our layout with simplicity, More...

ऐतिहासिक बहाल नाम मात्रको पुनः निर्माणमा करोडौंको खाँचो

मन्दिरै मन्दिरको शहरको उपमा पाएको काठमाडौं उपत्यकामा More...

Naxal Heritage Conservation Trust (NHTCT)

Naxal Heritage Conservation Trust

Naxal Heritage Conservation Trust is now officially registered at Central District Office on 13 the Poush 2068 More...

Nepal Telecommunication Telecommunication industry in Nepal, a question of options…

Communication and technology has advanced so much that cell phones have become an essential part of...

SMS Free SMS online can be a threat in terms of security

Advancement of technology has made internet the most powerful medium of communication. One can communicate as...

KernellBase Error Fix KernelBase DLL APPCrash Solution.

I encountered this issue on my Dell Inspron 17r Laptop OS Window7 Home Premium Edition. Error...

Beautiful Journey of Struggle


Prolific writer Shekhar Dhungel´s new release novel, “Beautiful Journey of Struggle.” is going More...

Anguished howl

Every word, once written, is true, somebody has said. For me the sentiment is particularly pertinent when it comes to poetry,..

Knowing oneself

Life is like a river, not because of its unpredictability and mystery, but because it just keeps on flowing without waiting..


How to piss off a Nepali

Nepali Flag SO YOU HAPPEN to come across this brown individual at a party or at the mall and you start making More...

Our Constitution Gives us the right……………..

You might be amazed with the fact that it’s hard to get an application registered in Nepal Police METROPOLITAN POLICE –..

Being listed as Shahid has no meaning

This guy is some “SHAHID” whose stamp has been been published. Today I noticed him on my application form, I was..

At a Glance

Nepal-U-16 Nepalese fans probably; they give everything on football as we hosted 1st and 2nd edition of SAFF Championship respectively in a..
Dental Garden- Advanced Ortho Dental Clinic

Dental Garden- Advanced Ortho-Dental Clinic

Dental Garden, Advanced Ortho-Dental Clinic has started ortho-dental services at its own premises at Bahati-Sohrakhutte, Kathmandu which had shifted from a..

Santa Singh Complain Letter to Microsoft :)

Dear Bill Gates, This letter is from Santa Singh from Punjab. We have got a computer in our home and we..
The art of happy living

The art of happy living

We live in fortunate times. More kids can study. More women can work. More people live in liberal societies than before...