Rapper 199nah in his new track “stay blessed” has rapped and encouraged individuals to remain inside and keep up social distancing to contain the coronavirus crisis.

Nepali Hip-hop Artist Saimon Karki aka (199nah) from Kathmandu, Nepal has come up with a song about coronavirus.

199nah, on 14th May, performed a lockdown-themed rap and urged everyone to stay home and practice social distancing. 199nah is using his time in lockdown to write music with an important message.

He has dissed the political condition of Nepal with a brave heart and talked about the sad reality of political influence and people’s nature.

He requests people to stay inside, kill the thoughts of leaving out of the door. Inspiration on each line from his song is the best part everyone likes about.

He briefed on what will be the effects of the virus on the human body also have satire the recent case of the fake pastor who chants some mantras to remove pain and sorrows from the people and announces to cure coronavirus with his mantras.

Last but not least, 199nah has pulled out a huge awareness of religious discrimination. Fans can feel some spiritual connection with this rapper while listening to his tracks.



Underground Rapper 199nah (Saimon Karki) has been crushing the rap scene since he was 17 years old. 199nah cites Much Rap Artist as his influence in the early days, and his dream is to work with popular artists.199nah has gained a multitude of followers since his days of small shows at the Small road concerts. 199nah’s first music “MayDay” made him a bit famous among rappers. Influenced by the community, culture, and sounds of his hometown, 199nah aspires to perform music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum. His signature style has become synonymous with a diverse collection of melodies and compositions. This musician is on the rise, and nothing can stop him from achieving the success he works so hard for.










The track was released worldwide on various digital platforms under the label 199nahMusic, you can watch them for free on 199nah’s official YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abxGYr9LvXs



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