Beautiful Journey of Struggle

Prolific writer Shekhar Dhungel´s new release novel, “Beautiful Journey of Struggle.” is going to be released on 30th March, 2013 at Himalayan Yak Restaurant, Jackshon Height, NY from 1 PM onwards. Shekhar Dhungel was born in 1962 at Bhakatapur, Nepal. In pursuit of his dreams of becoming successful, he has faced many difficult challenges and struggles. He has journeyed from Asia, Japan, Australia, Europe and finally USA. “A Beautiful journey of Struggle” is a memoir of his travel experience in foreign land. The way the author relates his experiences and the words he chooses to describe the scenes will make readers want to read more and more. Because of the descriptive imagery readers will be able to easily envision the comical happenings, such as waking up the loud CD. Readers will be enjoying the experience, which will make them feel a connection. The author accurately represents every place that he was living in. From having his card stolen in New York, to receiving fruit in Japan, to the scene he encountered at his relative’s house in California – it all is true to life. Readers will be able to see the big differences between each of those places even if they have never personally traveled there. This is important for readers to feel like this book is not fiction. By sharing the good and bad times in his life, the author is giving a strong example to his readers about never giving up and never being ungrateful. When his situation or circumstances were wrong and he felt no peace, he did not hesitate to move on nor did he settle for less. This is an important character trait that is missing in contemporary American society and makes this book very unique. Readers will rethink how they make decisions and how they treat their selves.

The books are available on vairous bookstores, its available on e-book fromat on,, banes& etc. All the best to the writer for his upcomming novel, “Beautiful Journey of Struggle.”