Cancer treatment can be of different types. It depends upon your cancer patients health, the spreading of cancer, the cancer size, the location, the malignancy, and the most is the type of cancer you have got.

Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy are the most general treatments used in cancer. These therapies are either used individually or with relation to other therapies. Apart from this, other kinds of cancer treatment therapies include targeted therapy, therapy related with hormones (hormonal therapy), cell transplant of bone marrow, etc.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the first kind of treatment given to them is the first-line therapy. Secondly, they are given adjuvant therapy and this may include chemotherapy after the surgery. Neo adjuvant treatment is treatment which is given before the primary treatment.

Team of doctors and nurses are involved in treating the patient who has more specialized case of cancer. Along with the medical team the patient is also followed by a team of personal care because personal care is as important as the medication in the case of cancer treatment. The family of the patient and the doctors involved in the treatment will have to be very comfortable with each other during the treatment period. Before the team of doctor begin the treatment, both the patient and the family must have knowledge about the goals of the treatment.

Courtesy Cancer and Its Treatment