Help and Support

1) How to regiter?

– On your right panel, you have login and register tab, Click register, to register with us. Once you click register you see text boxes for Your name, username, email and password, entering your correct information successfully, a email containing your username password will be delivered to the email address you provided to us within 24 hours.

2) How to submit Articles and Press Releases?

– First you have to register with to submit articles or press releases. Once you register, login from right panel of website. After you are logged in -Click Dashboard, at the top on left panel you can see post, -Click post, add titles for your article or press release. After writing title go to body part, – write article or press release on body part, or you can copy paste your existing articles or press releases (easy than writing the whole article or press release). After completing your article or press release, on right panel you can see categories, please select the correct category for your article or press release -IMPORTANT for articles you have to select article and category and for press releases you have to select Press Release and category. Once you are done with categories selection, there is a option for -allowing comments you can check to allow comments or uncheck to disallow comments on your article or press releases. You can find allowing comments on Discussion tab. For -SEO purpose you can enter title, description and keywords as per your articles and press release under correct label. Once you are done click -Publish to post articles or press releases on website.

Add tags according to your article or press releases to help Google to find your articles or press releases.

IMPORTANT: Select Visual tab to add articles if you don’t have enough knowledge on html, If you are good on HTML select HTML tab to add your articles.

How to add Pictures in Artilce and Press Release?

– To add pictures to your post, first you have to -Login, go to -Dashboard, click your -Post on which you want to add pictures. Once you see window with your post opened, on the left panel you can see – Set Featured Image, Click on the link a pop up window appears, click -Select from Computer to add new pictures or Click -Gallery to enter existing picture on your post. Once you upload picture, you can see set as featured image , Click – Set as Featured image. Now you have featured image for your article or Press Release. To insert picture on your article or press release, place your cursor inside article or press release, as per your requirement, click on – Add Image, you can find add image right below Permalink besides Upload/Insert, clicking add image pop up window appears, select image which you want to have on your post from Gallery or Upload new picture, after selecting picture you can see -Insert into post at the bottom of pop-up window, click insert into post and Click – Save also to save post with picture. ¬†IMPORTANT: Please don’t forget to click -Update at the right panel window to display correctly on website before logging out. Only after clicking Update you can see changed on your post, Refresh your main window to view changes or you can click -Preview Changes to confirm before saving post.

How to edit post and alignment of pictures?

–¬†To edit post, format pictures and post. You have to follow login, dashboard, post. Once you see your post window, make necessary adjustment on your post from editing tab you can see above your article or press release, It’s easy as you are using MS Word or Wordpad. To fix alignment of your picture, select picture you can see edit and delete buttons, click -Edit, pop up window appears, select left, center or right to align your picture and size by select % on preview tab, you can preview how your article or press release appears in website.

PS: If you are confused on submitting or editing articles or press releases please email for assistance or support you need.

Thank you.