Well, the topic is stunning or may be weird, however, this is indispensable topic if you are searching for the betterment of life or the meaning of life. Most of us do not know about our own positive parts, weakness, desire, and objective of life. Everyone wants to be happy, enjoy life the fullest but they are not finding out how we can get the inner happiness. Hence, if we intend to find out “how to know yourself” deal, it would be more easy to be content all the times.
Though I am not an expert or degree on this topic, I felt I should share my knowledge and wisdom where one can be benefited or at least know about this hot cake (if you are trying to find out the purpose of your life). After a prolonged period of research of myself, I have been able to be content only after finding out myself; my vision of life.
It is not a complicated job, but, the realization process is not an easy subject. To be honest, when you find your inner voice, you will be able to come out in the procedure of happiness. Unless and until we try to make it by practice, as practice makes progress, you will have the knowledge only but not like sage. Needless to say, it is not herculean task but you need to devote your time with yourself as much as possible.
Hence, what is the actual process for it? There are endless possibilities and you have to track down what really works for you.
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Anyway, per my experience, gratitude is one inevitable thing which makes the real meaning for this process. Every morning, once you wake up, just be thankful to the new day, to your respected ancestors, to your parents, beloved ones, friends and foes whom you were/are surrounded by. They are following you or you are in theirs hearts. Do not forget to thank your body parts which are making you physically fit and mentally alert. Of course, you need to create this belief, “believe yourself”. And, the infinite and beautiful life needs to be appreciated everyday how harsh yesterday was, how excited yesterdays activities were. Not to be positively surprised, you have to thank your enemies (if you think) because of them, you are improving or moving forward on your own way.
Spending some time with yourselves, finding the inner voice; was your day fruitful, were your actions and words were appropriate, did I hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly (if so, ask them for forgiveness)… And also try to find out the purpose of life, visualize it, and work for it.
While on the realization, just be honest to yourself; no one knows what’s in your heart, why you are stressed. We learn from mistakes and do try your best for earnestly requesting yourself not to repeat the mistakes. Forgive yourself and others as forgiveness brings you peace of mind and frees from corrosive anger.
For sure, these all gives you a focus, which you may find increases your mindfulness doing it everyday.
At the end of the day, you will be content and you will find inner happiness. But, you need to cultivate these activities with consistency. It will not happen in a day or two, it may take 2/3 years or 10/15 years depending upon your commitment to yourself.
For me, it took a pretty long time because I was not focused, distracted often, trying to enjoy with short term goals. It feels sad as I was frustrated for a very long time and nobody knew I was feeling cold. However, once I started being spiritual and practiced those mindfulness described above aftermath of the earthquakes. I find out my inner voice and I became content almost all the time, never defeated.
On March, 2019, when I found out my inner happiness overwhelmingly, I cried a lot at Memmingen, Germany. It gave me a strength and started the seed of thoughts; helping people as much as possible, being more positive towards life, respecting everyone. I also developed more spirit of generosity. To be honest, I am happy with friends and without friends or families. I started asking do we need alcohol or friends or others to entertain us and be happy for certain moments. I find out we need nothing to make us happy, if we work out for a vision of happiness in life with those exercises, we can be content all the time. Even some clouds or rainfall can make us content.
Please write me I am available to hear your heart, care your frustration or trying to make you a real good person, life is the learning experiences….. I am willing to help as much as possible, after appointment in messenger, we will speak together and share our knowledge and wisdom to overcome obstacles of life.

19th Dec, 2019 Thursday


Source: https://nepalsaman.blogspot.com/2019/12/how-to-know-yourself.html