Tuesday was the day when I was passing by NEWBANESHWAR and suddenly I saw few of the bikes stopped and being checked. It was very obvious that these days the Nepal Traffic Police was very active due to the recently shot out and happenings. With no assertion thinking they were just checking the blue book (vehicle ownership card) I reached my pocket and waited for my turn. Then in seconds one of the man in the front row started to pled in loud voice, “I’m not a drunkard”

Mr. X the hero of the plot was tussling with the police man saying he is not drunk. I was surprised, I peeped in just to inquire what was happening. Out of the blues Mr. X started shouting in a very unusual way he said, “Today is Tuesday, It’s my fasting today, why I would get drunk on a day like this. How can I convince you that I’m not drunk?” Mr. X was so called being checked by the Nepal Traffic police for Alcohol which certainly was admirable but the funny part was the police was checking it by their valuable NOSE. Seeing this, my interest grew and I focused my attention more towards the scene. One would certainly laugh when facing this situation. How can one convince the other with just depending upon the smell to check something like alcohol?

The main scene can be defined like this 4 Nepal Traffic Police trying to do the regular alcohol checking with their “NOSE.” They were accusing Mr.X a moderately 5 feet 6 inches man on a Discover 125 CC with a decent local Nepali accent in his late thirties. His eyes looked red but his voice calculations were correct and his sentences were also aligned of making sense. He was trying to convenience the traffic police that he was returning from his work and he is not drunk where as on the other hand the traffic police was so dumb to trust his nose and not let this guy pass by blocking the whole traffic. Can you believe to the level of stupidity that was happening, even I was ready to blow my breath in the face but shockingly they let me go and I was enthralled to write something about this experience that was totally absurd.
Similarly talking more about the ineffective practices of the Nepal Traffic Police, it has tones of loop holes which need to be looked in. But seriously What a Joke? A pristine institution like Nepal Police practicing something like this is not acceptable that too on the cost of public is a bad example.
Likewise, speaking more about the Nepal Traffic police the rules and regulations are so impractical. Every time you make a mistake while driving you have to pay a penalty fee for breaking the law but do you know where the same money goes …….
The money taken in by for the penalty fee goes in proportion way some of it goes to the Police personnel who caches the driver making mistake and the rest goes to the Government. The result of this rule is the traffic police personnel who was suppose to prohibit people from making mistakes or who was responsible for alerting public of traffic rules, hawks and awaits for it’s pray to make mistake and when the mistake is done walla, a ticket. He hides himself and he shows up out of the thin air and gives you a penalty receipt.
What kind of rules are these where the government or the pristine institution like this is promoting or motivating its personnel to catch the normal public to make mistake. Aren’t they the once to stop us from making mistake or what are we creating her more traffic violators ………..

A question for the government ……………………

Source: Shreedeep Rayamajhi