Journalists Nepal

Yadav Podel

Kathmandu, April 04 2012: Yadav Poudel ,  a journalist who had served in the industry for more than half decade was murdered and found in a mysterious way in Jhapa on Tuesday evening. He was associated with Avenues Television,  Mechi Times and the Rajdhani daily.

According to the Police, “Poudel was attacked with a sharp weapon where the deceased body’s head was slit open and he also suffered a fractured on his right leg.  His body was recovered from the new bus park in Birtamod last night. His body has been sent for autopsy in Bhadrapur. Further investigation is going on.”

Journalists and bloggers have been attacked in Nepal from past few decades but within lack of proper security measures, though the government of Nepal has listed journalism as one of the most important part of social service,  journalist are bound to suffer their limits within the lack possibility of human rights and freedom of expression.

Reality of today journalist are being threatens and attacked in absence of proper rules and regulation. The related associations are bias towards their members, in such state of absence journalist and bloggers are openly challenged to testify their faith against violence and threatening.