KernellBase Error Fix

Windows 7 Error

I encountered this issue on my Dell Inspron 17r Laptop OS Window7 Home Premium Edition. Error may be anything on Application, on my Laptop the issue was on Firefox and Google Chrome. Firefox didn’t statrted at all, and Chrome crashed as soon as I start to download, and had issue with Blackberry Desktop Application while importing new software on bundle. It drove me crazy as I depend entirely on Firefox for my PHP, MySql, html projects. Chrome I mainly used for manu email accounts. Due to AppCrash finishing projects was driving me crazy.

How I encountered problem?
– Day before yesterday Laptop crashed (automatic shutdown) while working. I didn’t noticed that moment if there was any error. But as soon as I started Firefox there was the issue KernelBase.dll AppCrash issue. Major reason for KernellBase.DLL was crash of my Laptop, and it occured due to overheat of my fan, it happened within a year I purchased laptop, overheat caused due to blockage of exhaust fan with dust. I immediately took out my blower and cleaned exhaust fan, this solved my overheating issue without any trouble.
So I moved to solve KernellBase.DLL issue as it was major issue for me. I googled around for the issue and it’s solution, there was lots of solution provided but none provided me with exact answer, There was Apps like Dll Fixer, Registering Dll, Restore my Laptop. None of these worked for me though Apps are very good on circumstances. So I thought of getting new OS on my laptop, tried upgrading with Ultimate DVD but that too didn’t worked out, infact I wasn’t able to upgrade my system to Windows 7 Ultimate edition, it required Service Pack 1 inorder to upgrade.
Solution for particular issue which solved me without loosing data, OS or anything.

Solution for KernellBase.DLL Appcrash and other issue.
1) First you should know it’s very hard to trace which file is responsible for the issue. So inorder to get fresh copy of system files, I upgraded my OS Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate by the option AnyTime Upgrade with Product Key from My Computer Properties. On your PC, open Windows Anytime Upgrade by clicking the Start button, typing Windows Anytime Upgrade in the search box, and then clicking Windows Anytime Upgrade in the list of results.
Once you have the window upgrade by using Product key or buying the product, any option you want to choose. It hardly takes you 10 min to upgrade your Version. Once you are done with upgrading, check your antivirus if it’s update or not.
2) Infact my McAfee past renewal date, I had to get a new Anti Virus, So I downloaded Avast free edition from my other browser IE and installed. Run Full Scan on my Machine, it found couple of corrupt files on reporting system. Once I took those files to chest on Avast and Restarted. SOLVED MY PROBLEM.
I have now Windows 7 Ultimate and my Firefox, Chrome, BB Desktop Solution everything working as smooth as earlier without loosing any data or having trouble to get a fresh copy of installation on my old OS. Installing fresh OS would have been very tidious and installing all your required software again would have taken me 2 days or so Instead I got my machine back in less than 2 hours.
Since there was very less solution provided on this issue, I put up this to help others who might be wondering what to do or find techinician to solve it for you.

Happy solving KernelBase.Dll AppCrash Issue.

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