Life is like a river, not because of its unpredictability and mystery, but because it just keeps on flowing without waiting for anybody or anything. It is as similar to the vacillation of the clouds, the expansion of impulses, the kindling of our emotions and the fluctuations of our ever-dynamic psychological behavior.

Moreover, life thrills us from moment to moment. In life, there is neither ultimate happiness, nor ultimate sorrow; there are changes, but fortunately, what emerges from the currents of its uncertainty is not a gospel of fatalism, for evolution consists in the ascent of the spirit, which progressively liberates itself by means of its surreptitious evolutionary force, soaring towards the higher altitude of its own consciousness.

Yes, anyone. Anyone, with some potent power of observation can see and sense the play of invisible forces every moment, which act on humans and bring about events without their knowing. But, the play of life is very complex and one has to be conscious of it, and see and watch how they work before one can really understand — why things happen as they do and not as we want.

However, the play of forces doesn’t mean that. What I said was that behind visible events in the world there is always a mass of invisible forces at play unknown to the exterior minds of a human being. These invisible forces rule our lives. These forces are ever-present in the journey of our life — till eternity. Now, I am compelled to ask — what is life? There have been many definitions of life, but none of them have actually taught the perfections of life.

“Life is nothing but the play of universal forces,” in my opinion. Life is restless, turbulent, obstinate and very strong. I may be wrong, I may be right, but let me state firmly that, whatever life is, the universal majority of us are only instruments.We are actors, who are moved about like puppets, knowing nothing, not even our inner understandings, but yet the material atmosphere contaminates us.

Moreover, there is a state of ignorance in which, we do a thing and believe that it was us, who decided it. Then there is a state of semi-ignorance in which, we do a thing knowing that we were created to do it, but yet we do not know how and why. But there is the state of consciousness too, in which we are fully aware of our actions and its probable reactions. However, knowing oneself is the most ambidextrous tasks on this earth. It is as difficult as chasing our own shadow, and as tough as breaking the icicles. But, the truth is this: the more you know yourself the more you will explore the unexplored.


Published on The Himalayan Times Daily dated 2011-12-04.