Kathmandu Nepal: Kathmanduties rocked for a cause, with the theme of “Get out of Facebook on to the ground” People throng in for a cause of NO ELECTRICITY. It is high time since the past 5 years that people have been suffering high level of power cuts from 18 to 20 hrs every day. The government has been silent about the issue which stands live example of high corruption and carelessness shown towards public policy in Nepal. Nepal stands as the second largest country in white waters but still due to bad political situation and high corruption things have been worsening. People are directly affected in their daily lives and business where there is no option or alternative. “We can’t work, we can’t sit ideally, I don’t know what the government is thinking or doing? Using generator and other alternatives is too expensive, the government has to come up with a solution. I really don’t know what they are doing?” Kamran Shrestha a young Entrepreneur voiced.

“If you look at the records then most of the streams and rivers have been booked for hydro power. The so called investors, they take the license andwait for years paying a nominal amount of taxes to the government and the government in the name of lack of management waits and watches. What a worst situation” said Nirupam Dhoj Karki an activist According to the organizer, “It is a simple effort to raise awareness regarding the current situation we have been silent from past 5 years, what did they do? It is high time that the public ask few questions and we are doing that as we have the rights?”

Different popular band like Abhaya and the Steam injuns, Tripitak, Anuprastha, Albatross band also performed in raising awareness.

With the high time and high rates of power cut, few of the facebook activists and rock stars came in action to raise the issue of power shortage. The concert “Let there be Light” was organized by a L.A.M.P.S which aim to raise awareness regarding the short cry of power.