Naxal Heritage Conservation Trust
Naxal Heritage Conservation Trust is now officially registered at Central District Office on 13 the Poush 2068 (28th December 2011) .NHTCT is  located at Chardhunge -1,Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal.NHTCT is a Trust formed by few Enthusiastic Youths from नास: धिमे खल & नास: गुठी, Naxal.

NHTCT is a non profitable  Social Group that is dedicated for the preservation & consrvation of the Local Art, Culture & Traditions.The main objective of this Trust  is to preserve & promote all the Historical, Cultural & Religious Heritage of our Society & prevent them from being Extincting.

NHTCT‘s main goal is to conserve and nurture the traditional Newari Music, Musical Instruments, Arts, Culture, Traditions, Jatras & Festivals with the involvement of people from various culture & tradition without any discrimination.The main focus of the trust will be on wide spreading the ethics and values of Newari Traditions all over the world

The official Member of this trust who had dedicated their precious and valuable time for this group are

1. Mr.Rajiv Maharjan ————- President
2. Mr.Niraj Maharjan ————- General Secretary
3. Mr.Ajay Maharjan ————- Treasurer
4. Mr Kaji Bhai Maharjan ——— Member
5. Mr.Man Kaji Maharjan ——— Member
6. Mr.Gaurav Maharjan ———–Member
7. Mr.Milan Maharjan ———— Member
8. Mr.Rajendra Maharjan ——– Member
9. Mr.Rajesh Maharjan ———– Member

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 To contact and  support financially to this Trust ,the mailing address is