SaatGaule jatra is one of the popular and important festivals of western part of Kathmandu Valley. It is celebrated in Bishnu Devi Temple. The word ‘Saatgaule’ has its own meaning. ‘Saat’ means Seven and ‘Gaule’ means village. The seven villages are Naikap, Satungal, Boshigaun, Nunkot, Tinthana, Machhegaun and Kirtipur. There is a saying in the introduction of this festival that in ancient period when priests were paying homage to the god suddenly seven pigeons fell on the fire so that it is named as Saatgaule Jatra. In this festival, villagers bring the images of gods and goddesses at Bishnu Devi site and celebrate a great festival. It is celebrated for 3 days. The first day is known as Chooila Boo (Newari Tongue), second day is known as Sinaya and third day is also known as Sinaya. In the first day gods are worshipped whereas on the third day goddess are worshipped.
It is said that all these gods and goddesses were the members of a family but due to the critical situation of that period forced them to be apart from the family. So once in a year, they used to meet together at Bishnu Devi Temple and this special occasion of the happy day, people celebrate the festival with great norms. On this day they decorate the images with gold jewelers ,tikas, sugarcane, flowers etc. People sacrifice different goats in order to please them. In this way this great festival of Hindu is lasted on the 3rd midnight of 3rd day. — at Naikap, Tinthana.