Published On: Sat, Aug 17th, 2013

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Nepalese fans probably; they give everything on football as we hosted 1st and 2nd edition of SAFF Championship respectively in a row. On the 1st SAFF U-16, India equalized in 94th minute and won on penalty at semifinal against Nepal. 2nd  SAFF U-16 the first match against Bhutan and their fans cheered in the first half was pretty new to Stadium. The final against India where we were defeated in home ground with the goals scored beautifully and lifted them to trophy. Indian Flag was waved at VIP parapet and got reception badly from furious fans. During the celebration on the field Indian Players were waving their flags and Nepalese fans gave them a reception with bottles and pieces of chairs everywhere. At the end, Nepalese fans gave a bad reception for the president of ANFA. Despite all these, for the first time our junior players played in floodlight and with a large numbers of fans almost in the history for the first time on the age championship. We forget everything beside all these events was possible and the journeys to take you as spectators by the beautiful game from our U-16 sweet boys were the academy product of ANFA. Media almost lifted to high hopes so did us unfortunately we lost our weight among the bitter rival, hope the senior has revenge of it as we are on the same group of death with India in SAFF Championship if we succeed. Now we are on a huge disappointment with these cultures where we are moving towards with frustration of high hopes in the name of Nation. “Together we stand, divided we fall.” They are hopeful players of our nation. They are human beings too and got some errors that should be learned and removed. Respect everyone if you can’t handle don’t just break it. There were few hands and fans still cheering on the stadium for Nepal and players. Let’s try to cooperate with respect to each other. We may not able to continue these events in future. Why this HELL is happening all around us?
Proud to be Nepali……
Jay Nepal!!

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